Are you meeting your students’ sky-high support expectations?

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Your students are demanding the very best digital CX

To meet students’ expectations, schools have to offer digital support – live chat, social media, email, chatbots, and even SMS. Make this support efficient and cost-effective by connecting each channel within a unified platform – Comm100 Omnichannel.

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Sky-high Expectations – How to Improve Student Support in a Digitally-Demanding World

Today’s students expect schools to be available to them wherever and whenever they need support. Download this free eBook to find out how your institution can adopt live chat, chatbots, and a digital omnichannel platform to provide efficient, fast and personalized support that your students are demanding.

"Comm100 is the perfect channel to help us with our students and give them the support they need."

"Our students are mostly 17, 18 or 19 years old, and they naturally find live chat very easy to use. It’s also very quick for them – they can hop on a chat, ask us a question, and have their answer in a minute – all from their mobile device."

- Derek Gaucher, Co-ordinator of IT Solutions, Dawson College

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